Install cl-waifu2x on Ubuntu 20.04


Create virtual environment

virtualenv -p $(which python2.7) cl-waifu2x

Install dependencies

apt install pocl-opencl-icd ocl-icd-opencl-dev python-dev opencl-headers
source cl-waifu2x/bin/activate
pip install pyopencl pyopencl[pocl] numpy scipy pillow

Install cl-waifu2x

git clone


export PYOPENCL_CTX='0'
python cl-waifu2x/ image6.png image6big.png cl-waifu2x/models/scale2.0x_model.json


Use right mouse button -> Open image, to see difference

Small -> Big

Proof of concept Dockerfile

FROM ubuntu:20.04

RUN apt update && \
apt install -y software-properties-common && \
add-apt-repository universe && \
apt update

RUN apt install -y pocl-opencl-icd ocl-icd-opencl-dev python2.7 python-dev opencl-headers curl build-essential

RUN curl --output && \

RUN pip2 install pyopencl pyopencl[pocl] numpy scipy pillow

COPY . /app

ENTRYPOINT python /app/