Reverse-engineering Roblox Arsenal "Glacier" map, and creating CS:GO version

Project information

I want to recreate "Glacier" map from Roblox Arsenal game, in to CS:GO. Main purpose is exercise, since map uses simple but well detailed shapes, and is overall fun to play. Original map is made by "I_I" aka Mahbucketeer aka Drewiker_ aka Andrew.


I sent I_I friend request on discord, I want to ask about textures he used (are they free textures, are they licensed to roblox, etc), and his opinion on recreating the map in CS:GO. I also found free model on Roblox Library, but with a couple of broken things. First, props. They are either oversized, or changed to other ones. Second, building blocks. Top layer does not overlap properly over transparent block underneath. Also transparent blocks are not cut properly on entrance to area "under" ice.

This map would probably look (and play) better in TF2, and I may port it later, but for now I want to create CS:GO version, with modified variables for player speed, gravity, fall damage, bullet spread, and probably enable bunnyhopping since it would play very nice with Quake 3 mechanics.

I want to start with houses, since whole map is symmetrical, and houses can be copy-pasted unlike environment. Also they are pretty detailed inside, mainly with notes. I will probably recreate them from screens or with MS Paint.

First thing created was house. I can't dump block sizes so I have to make everything by eye.

Okay, it is now something like 2-3h into map making, and I already made some changes due to hammer limitations. Changed lights, platform is slightly different. From this point on, I will use textures provided by valve or myself.


It is now 0:24, I have published first version on Workshop. I hope they won't ban me for the flag meme. There is still the "underside" to make, but I will fight with it tomorrow. Right now I'm waiting for accept of new update, because i forgot to add custom textures to map file, and they appear black in first published version. Also, map is compiled using "fast" option, since HDR took too much time (at the time).

dm_glacier_remix on Steam Workshop