How to install GtkRadiant for OpenArena in 2020 on Linux

1. Download files

2. Unpack files

~$ mkdir openarena && cd openarena
~/openarena$ mv ~/Downloads/GtkRadiant* ~/Downloads/ .
~/openarena$ tar xf GtkRadiant-1.6.4-Linux-x86_64-20131213.tar.gz
~/openarena$ unzip
~/openarena$ rm *.zip *.tar.gz
~/openarena$ mv GtkRadiant-1.6.4-Linux-x86_64-20131213 GtkRadiant
~/openarena$ mv openarena-0.8.8 OpenArena

3. Run and configure GtkRadiant

~/openarena$ ./GtkRadiant/radiant.bin

From dropbox select "Quake III Arena and mods". You can leave name as is. Change game directory to ~/openarena/OpenArena. It should look like this:

Next, select "Auto load selected game on startup" and click OK.

Now GtkRadiant should open as intended

4. Copy tools to $PATH

~/openarena$ sudo cp GtkRadiant/{q3map2,bspc} /usr/local/bin
~/openarena$ sudo cp GtkRadiant/lib* /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

5. Build map

For this point, you need .map file. Either build it yourself, or download one that is done

By default, GtkRadiant will try to save map file in ~/.q3a/baseq3. Make new directory for your map, since we will have to build directory structure

~$ mkdir -p ~/Documents/MyMap/{maps,textures}

Put your map file in /MyMap/maps directory, and textures in /MyMap/textures directory

By default, GtkRadiant takes textures from "game directory" selected in first configuration window, except it uses "baseq3" directory (not "baseoa"). If you want custom textures, put them in ~/openarena/OpenArena/baseq3/textures/MyTextures

Copy COPYING file from OpenArena directory

~$ cp ~/openarena/OpenArena/COPYING ~/Documents/MyMap

Build map files (as from this wiki page)

~$ cd ~/Documents/MyMap/maps
~/Documents/MyMap/maps$ q3map2 -flares -meta -patchmeta -skyfix -v -verboseentities
~/Documents/MyMap/maps$ q3map2 -vis -v
~/Documents/MyMap/maps$ q3map2 -light -dark -dirty -fast -patchshadows -v -samples 3 -bounce 8 -gamma 2 -compensate 4
~/Documents/MyMap/maps$ bspc -bsp2aas MyMap.bsp -forcesidesvisible -optimize -grapplereach

Pack map and copy to OpenArena directory

~/Documents/MyMap/maps$ cd ..
~/Documents/MyMap$ zip -r MyMap.pk3 ./*
~/Documents/MyMap$ cp MyMap.pk3 ~/openarena/OpenArena/baseoa

6. Running map